Welcome Your Guests to the Barona Buffet Casino

The Barona Buffet Casino offers a wide variety of themed menu items for your convenience. In addition to the food choices, the casino has a full service bar offering more than twenty kinds of wines and beers, along with a complete line of non-alcoholic beverages including refreshing sports drinks and bottled water.

The Barona Buffet Casino is the perfect place to entertain friends or family members while enjoying the many games available. Most of the tables are on level ground so that the person sitting at the lowest level does not have to bend their knees to reach the piece of food or drink they want. The tables can be moved around when entertaining guests, providing a more personalized entertainment experience. Guests can sit at any table, regardless of their position at the casino tables.

The Barona Buffet Casino features a game room that also allows you to entertain guests. The casino room is also equipped with all the games needed to keep the guest entertained. There are twenty flat screen televisions set up throughout the casino room. In addition to the slot machines and video poker, there are three poker tables available for the poker fans to enjoy.

When guests bring their own food or drink to the casino, the casino will deliver it in a delivery truck with a stainless steel platform to keep the food and drink warm and to keep it from touching the ground. Guests can also order hot dogs or grilled burgers from the concession stand during their visits to the casino.

A five star service is provided throughout the casino and all of the rooms. The bell services ring at the end of each game, so guests can call the casino for a game for another player, or they can get their quarters and place their bets through the operators.

The Barona Buffet Casino is equipped with a full gaming room with a slot machine, video poker, video roulette, two table games, and three cabinets. Many of the cabinets are themed for special occasions and holidays.

The casino room is fully stocked with chips, coins, baccarat chips, poker chips, and all the casino supplies and games needed to meet the needs of a full casino room. All of the heavy furnishings including, mirrors, stools, couches, and coffee tables are included in the rental fees for the casino room. These are not inexpensive and the cost of installing them is covered by the casino’s rent, so all furniture is brand new and not used pieces.

The Barona Buffet Casino is a modern design with state of the art technology. The servers are 24 hours and the electric, heating and air conditioning system is state of the art. With this luxurious setting, the Barona Buffet Casino will provide the best entertainment experience possible for its guests.