Outdoor Fun At Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside, CA

There is no doubt that Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside, CA have great deals and perks to offer. With close proximity to the lake and the big city experience, there is something for everyone at Barona! Situated on 15 acres of beautiful lakefront property, this vacation paradise offers a tranquil escape from the humdrum of daily life.

You can easily fit your stay in this dream vacation into your busy schedule with easy access to luxurious bed-and-breakfast accommodation. Breakfast and lunch at the resort are included in your price, and everything you need for the day is conveniently located within walking distance of the resort. If you like, you can bring along a portable stove accessories to make it easier to cook on the open lake. The resort offers top-of-the-line amenities such as spas, fitness centers, and individualized health clubs.

The service at Barona will leave you pleased and happy. They have just the right blend of fun and entertainment to keep the younger crowds happy and the older crowds enthused. On your end, this resort is less hectic and more relaxing for a truly memorable vacation.

If your family enjoys a relaxing soak in the relaxing pool or sipping a fruity drink in the lovely spa facilities, the Barona spa is the place for you. Because the spa offers so many choices, your family will be sure to find something that is just right for them. What is more, each session is fully personalized to fit your needs.

Located in the heart of Lake Tahoe is the Barona Casino. This state-of-the-art casino offers a new challenge every time you play and is only minutes away from the charming resorts and lakeside cabins. With all ofthese great features, your vacation at Barona is sure to be a success.

You can enjoy your nightlife on the same great atmosphere at the Barona Grill. You can be sure to please in this versatile restaurant, featuring an exciting cocktail menu and themed drink and dinner menus for adults and children alike. This establishment is ideal for any occasion, whether it’s for a birthday party a wedding, or a quiet meal with the entire family.

Whether you’re having your first casino experience or you are returning to your original beachside spot, you can find a room at Barona that has everything you need. Give your children a carefree escape while exploring the casino or take your own family out to one of the fabulous restaurants. The amenities offered by the resort will fit your needs, allowing you to do whatever you want on your next vacation.

With more than forty luxurious guestrooms and suites, Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside, CA is sure to have a suite just right for you. You can even choose from a private lakefront area with spectacular views of the mountains or from the ocean. A little white flag for your private pool and private outdoor deck or a complete suite featuring a Jacuzzi, full kitchen, and television will be sure to make your next trip to Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside, CA the ultimate one.