Things You Should Know About the Buffet at Barona Casino Resort

When you visit Barona Casino Resort and Spa, be sure to sample the buffet at Barona. This can be considered as one of the signature dishes that they serve during their buffet service. The food selection varies depending on the day and time of the month, but the menu keeps the guests very satisfied. Even though the selection is all about the vegetarian dishes, it is always full of mouth-watering foods that taste great.

buffet at barona casino

For instance, the nightly buffet is full of things like boneless wings, pork chops, roast beef, apple cabbage rolls, baked fish, Greek salad, black bean enchiladas, gazpacho, and many more dishes. On the contrary, the lunch buffet on the other hand serves items like Mexican pastas, pork chops, lobster bisque, ham, pulled pork, wild rice, and many more. The main dining room has a formal buffet that is perfect for a formal dinner. The buffet at Barona Casino Resort and Spa serves around 250 people.

The menu for each of the buffet include the following: appetizers, salad, main course, desserts, drinks, and a chat. Each of the main dishes come with various combinations that you can choose from. Some of the combinations include: pickled vegetables, ham, roast beef, chicken, Spanish rice, roasted potatoes, and the traditional German potato pancakes. Besides these choices, there are other combinations such as pumpkin soup, Japanese, braised short ribs, and the well-known pasta. However, the main dishes here vary based on the season and time of the year.

Another important point is that each of the Barona Casino Resort and Spa’s buffet menus offer a variety of different style. One of the most popular is the French offerings which are very elegant. Other options include the Italian, barbecue, and Canadian selections which are more of an American style of cuisine.

If you are looking for a romantic evening with your loved one, visit the buffet at Barona. The buffet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, and the famous honey and chocolate cookies. Be sure to try the Spanish cocoa tea, butter and cheese, and the heavenly espresso coffee. There are a variety of different desserts such as chocolate and Nutella ones, while the others are perfect if you are looking for a sweet treat.

Some of the guests in the buffet may also prefer the wine pairing. While some may prefer their wine and dessert during the daytime, the evening guests would rather have their meal on the buffet. Therefore, the choices of wine is endless.

It is recommended that you do not forget to ask for the recipe and special dishes of the buffet before heading off to the buffet. The buffet is a perfect spot to gather your entire family and friends because you can feel safe and relaxed here. After all, this is where your evening gets really exciting, relaxing, and romantic!

You will never get bored with the buffet at Barona Casino Resort and Spa, you will be fully satisfied with its dishes, flavors, and ideas. So, why not plan a romantic evening with your loved one?